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Bradenton Pipelining Sewer Installation and repairDo you need to have your home plumbing lines replaced due to damage caused by tree roots, or the earth shifting causing damage to yourhomes plumbing system. Have oyu considered having your homes plumbing repaird by use of pipeling. Pipelining is a system whereby broken sewer main pipes are repaired with the insertion of a UV-cured fiberglass liner. This system is used instead of tearing up streets and replacing the pipe.  With the CIPP system, it is not invasive, is earth friendly and installs quickly.  It also requires fewer people on the job then replacing pipe and it can add up to 50+ years' life onto the existing pipe.

The cured in place pipe liner process starts with the sewer pipeline bypassed and the upstream manhole plugged to prevent flow. Plugs are removed once the installation is complete.  If the sewer flow is high, a bypass pumping system is used.

The pipe section is cleaned of dirt, grease and other debris.  Once the pipe is cleaned, a computer controlled robotic camera is placed into the pipe to inspect the damaged pipe. The camera sends video footage to a computer at street level so the repair crew can review it and address any problems or special needs prior to installing the CIPP liner.  Once the video process is complete, the pipe is prepped and a pre-liner is pulled through the pipe.

A winch cable is then attached which pulls the fiberglass liner through the pipe.  Then end gates are used to cap each end of the fiberglass liner to prepare for pressurizing the liner.

The end gates are placed inside each end of the liner. They are attached with heavy duty nylon straps. The liner is then slowly inflated to 8psi.  After inflation, the pressure is reduced and a 12' long train of 8 ultra violet lights are inserted in the upstream end of the liner through one of the end gates. The end gate is then closed once more and the pressure is brought back to 8psi. The light train has a camera on the nose cone. A rope, which has been manufactured inside the liner, is attached to the nose of the train before it is inserted into the liner. The light train now can be pulled through the liner to visually inspect it for any problems before it is cured.  If all is well, the UV lights are lit on the train and a computer pulls the light train back to the upstream manhole, monitoring the curing process all the way.  This device controls the speed, temperature and pressure of the process being watched via laptop computer.  Some UV curing systems cure at speeds in the 4 to 8 foot per minute range.

When the curing is complete, the end gates are removed, the light train is extracted and the ends of the liner are trimmed. A cutter is inserted and precision cuts are made at each lateral to restore service to the main. Florida Pipelining Contractors has years of experience in the piplining industry and can provide you with the best possible solutions for all of your piplining needs. So give them a call and see what they can do for your needs.

Benefits Of Pipelining

  • Eliminates the need to dig up yards
  • prevents damage to the home getting to the sewer lines
  • More cost effective in areas where digging and replacing sewers is not an option
  • Eliminates interruption where underground utilities are present

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